Collaboration & Sponsorship

Let's work together!

Like many bloggers across the globe, I wanted to design or find ways to collaborate and work with you so we could drive some serious attention and plenty of new visitors and readers. Email me at [email protected] as we offer you the following services:


For any items you sent like clothes, crafts, artworks, any other business to advertise or link up your sites to pull readers in, I am willing to create reviews and feature them for you.

*Note that any items or samples sent need not be returned unless the sender will provide shipping fee for the item.


Send me a message if you’d be interested to become a sponsor and I’ll get you set up with free space on my blog or discuss a corresponding rate if you want to rent a space here.


Every guest author/ sponsored post on my blog will have a corresponding rate. Your insights are valued and will definitely help shape where we go in this blog’s journey.

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