12 Things To Do at Home Amid Coronavirus Quarantine


With over 10 million confirmed cases of COVID-19 disease worldwide (as of this writing), citizens continue to carry their daily activities within their households including; telecommuting, nursing and educating. The “stay-at-home” recommendation leaves many in unfamiliar circumstances, with the sole purpose of preventing the spread and potential exposure of COVID-19. Particularly in coping with incredibly stressful days and a “must-do” healthy lifestyle.

So instead of gazing through the window, starting to dream about the life that was once in reality, check out these twelve (12) strategies below to fight isolation and loneliness.

1Watch Netflix

Netflix by quotecatalog.com
Binge-watching Netflix series. Quote Catalog

As cinemas around the country are obviously closed, this doesn’t mean that you need to end your longing for films. Netflix is the game-changer, it’s going to be your best friend. Lots of newly released or family-friendly movies that you can put up to a Smart TV or project to any blank wall.

You can even set up a house theatre, prepare a bunch of popcorn, grab some pillows, and enjoy the show. Check out the new movies on Netflix Philippines.


Perfect time for meditation to relieve anxiety. Flickr/Wiertz

So far, this pandemic has had an effect on the well-being of everyone that has resulted in an attack of anxiety in many ways. Meditating is one of the simple ways to mitigate those glooms. Meditation helps you find solitude and wellness, which keep you focused during the day.

But precisely how to do it, and where to start? Download The Mindfulness App, it will lead you through mindfulness, and begin to reap the great benefits of meditation.

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Sleep by Marco Verch
Having a good sleep to maintain your mental well-being. Flickr/Verch

Because of the current COVID-19 outbreak, most authorities urged the public to do indoor exercises and remain healthy amidst stern quarantines. Sure, while stuck at home, mentally or physically, there are many ways to do it.

Consistently get in shape by completing workouts on body weight including squats and push-ups, and having a good sleep to maintain your mental wellbeing, and so much more.

Read the complete guide on How to Stay Healthy While Stuck At Home

4Working Out

Yoga Matte and Stability Ball by Marco Verch
Push-ups using stability balls to develop muscles. Flickr/Verch

Quite often, people believe the exercises usually entail intense cardio, weight swings that are performed in the gym. These can really be performed at home, as well.

Here are some of the Easiest Fitness Workouts That You Could Do Without A Gym: punks and squats for beginners, bicep twists and triceps bends for intermediates or push-up for advanced fitness on stability balls and banded side steps.

With these, in the comfort of your own place, you can continue to lose weight or develop some muscles, if that is your target.

5Write a Blog

Write by CreditDebitPro
Preserve your memories— start a blog. Flickr/CreditDebitPro

Setting up your home binge-watching the Money Heist or Vikings series on Netflix may not seem like you’re doing a lot at all. But did you think of documenting your daily activities or personal experiences during quarantine? Why don’t you launch a blog?

Writing a blog not only preserves your memories, but it also helps you process your feelings about how you manage these terrifying and tremendously boring days. Blogging doesn’t require technical experience and you can even do it FREE of charge. To launch your own blog, follow these Basic Steps.

6Start a Container Garden

Container Gardening by Ioppear
Start container gardening to reduce trips to grocery store. Flickr/loppear

Just because you have to remain indoors doesn’t mean you can’t start your own gardening. Now is the perfect time to get your herbs and vegetables planted in a container garden. Then you should start learning how to prepare great, balanced recipes with your fresh herbs.

Take a look at these helpful Hints to Start a Container Gardening in a sunny position or using lights to grow. 

7Learn a New Language

Lip by Amanda
Start learning the language of your next destination. Flickr/Amanda

Being able to communicate easily in more than one language is fast becoming a must in every industry. Or how cool is it to actually speak the language of your next destination of travel? Now is the best time to learn or exercise in a comfortable and absolutely safe way.

Download DuoLingo to have your regular lessons underway in 35 different languages. Okay, I just did, buena suerte!

Download on the App Store Get It On Google Play

8Boost Your Immune System With Green Juice

Green Juice bu Rawpixel Ltd
Start juicing with fresh, organic green fruits and vegetables. Flickr/Rawpixel

In this time of extreme anxiety, whipping up a stuffed smoothie or a green juice may be too hard to get done on a normal morning, but what’s the new normal anyway?

It is undeniably more important these days to support your immune system and your waistline with plenty of fresh vegetables and fruits.

Try these simple tips to make your immune system stronger. 

9Take a Virtual Tour

Machu Picchu by YouVisit
Tour the mountains of Machu Picchu virtually with YouVisit

I bet you haven’t heard anything about virtual tours, not until today.

It is a great time to see the majesty in Machu Picchu in Peru, tour the Louver Museum, or see the sophistication of the Georgia Aquarium without leaving your house and thinking about the transmission of the virus.

You don’t even need a VR headset, either, just grab your laptop or mobile phone and start enjoying a virtual day trip.

📚 READ: Taal Volcano, Batangas: Day Hike on a Budget (Tips + Itinerary)

10Stretch and Strengthen with Yoga

Yoga by Minoru Nitta
Learn the breathing techniques, strengthen your muscles with yoga. Flickr/Nitta

Yoga has received significant attention in recent years with its great wellness benefits.

For this year’s pandemic, several online yoga courses are now offering FREE high-definition yoga videos ranging from stress-relieving breathing techniques to common yoga postures.

You may want to check out Do Yoga with Me for complete access to all of their premium content. Combat the anxiety, do yoga!

11Start Baking Homemade Bread

Baking by Marcho Verch
Dough preparation for your delicious bread cravings. Flickr/Verch

Baking bread at home means cutting a visit to a grocery store and doing something productive while at home during the quarantine. In fact, kneading dough can be a good workout, and the fragrance of freshly baked bread is delicious and soothing.

However, baking per se can be, just a botched attempt at delicious bread — and that can be frustrating, a waste of time and ingredients. So follow this Beginner’s Guide on How to Make Bread

12Organize Your Home Office

Home Office by David Hunt
Increase your productivity by tidying your home office. Flickr/Hunt

If you are a home-based worker like I am, a tidy and organized workplace can greatly increase efficiency, and it goes without saying that it will also reduce anxiety.

With many people now working suddenly from home, there is a strong need for small rooms for home office arrangements.

Follow these 10 Golden Ideas to Organize Your Home Office.

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