Museu de Macau: A Walk Through of Macau’s Culture

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Visiting Macao would not be concluded without popping at the Museu de Macau and its nearby spots. Museu de Macau or also known as Macao Museum is conveniently located in the garden of Mount Fortress, a short walk up to Ruins of St. Paul. I was filled with amazement when I learned how diversified the Macao culture during our casual stroll around Museu de Macau.

This isn’t open only for the people who love going to museums, but for anyone who loves to nourish your creative soul, travel and explore, the Museu de Macau is one of the best places to learn about the history and culture of Macao for just MOP15 (Php97), one can already walk through a vast number of objects of great historical value which exhibits the way of life and culture of numerous communities which have lodged in the city for generations.

Museu de Macau Entrance
Main Entrance of the Museu de Macau

TRIVIA: The Museu de Macau was opened on 18th April 1998, consisting of two underground levels and a third one above the fortress’ top platform where the old Meteorological Services is housed.

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Read on as we virtually walk you through the 3-level museum in Asia’s Gambling Mecca.

First Floor: Origin of Macao Region

A quiet saunter down the first floor as I observed how they showcase the history of Macao and its trading links. It generally portrays a comparative presentation of how the Chinese and Western culture were developed before the Portuguese people arrived at Macao.

Arrival of the Portuguese Miniature
Arrival of the Portuguese Miniature

Second Floor: Popular Arts and Traditions in Macao

Making our way to the second floor, I noticed how they featured the Macao’s distinctive traditional culture and popular arts that both Chinese and Western civilization exhibits. We had the opportunity to walk through the Macao’s leisure and entertainment, traditional festivities, religious ceremonies and displaying its people’s daily lives.

Fishing in Macau Miniature
Fishing in Macau Miniature

Third Floor: Contemporary Macau

The third floor prominently highlights contemporary Macau. Including the various aspects of city life and how Macao has been portrayed in artworks and pieces of literature. We noticed that some sections of this floor are solely dedicated to Sun Yat Sen and World War II.

World Map with LED Display
World Map with LED Display

General Information

  • Address: No. 112 Praceta do Museu de Macau (view map)
  • Opening Hours: 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM (Ticket booth closes at 5:30 PM), CLOSED on Mondays, OPEN on public holidays.
  • Admission: MOP15 (Adults), MOP8 (student card holders), FREE (Every Tuesdays & 15th of the month), FREE (Children Below 12 yo.)
  • Tel: +853 2835 7911
  • Fax: +853 2835 8503
  • E-mail: [email protected]
  • Website:
  • Additional Features: Souvenir Shop, Café, Mount Fortress Gallery, and Mount Fortress Garden

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To a large extent, I would say that was surprisingly a well-spent Php97 (MOP15) in Macao. Not to mention, it is a child and family-friendly form of entertainment. Each exhibition is briefly explained in both English and Portuguese by pressing their audio guide buttons. Impressive!

Museu de Macau Pinterest

Though this museum is small, it is clearly innovative and creatively designed by Macao artists and this should be one of the attractions that the city of Macao should be proud of.

If you’re thinking to visit Macao one of these days, consider adding this on your checklist. This is definitely worth a visit!

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