Everland Korea: Everything You Need to Know Before Going

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A trip to South Korea will not be complete without going to their theme park. The Everland Resort and Theme Park was South Korea’s first family park and still the largest of its kind. In any case, you’re going to be in Korea, you certainly have to visit this “happy” place!

Like many visitors, we made sure that Everland was included in our bucket list on our Korea trip. The Everland Resort and Theme Park is situated on the outskirts of Seoul in Yongin City in Gyeonggi Province. It took us 2 hours to get to the Everland Theme Park by bus from our hotel in Seoul City.

Our DIY trip was a success, so we would like to share this comprehensive guide, which involves preparing, buying tickets, and hacks for a fuss-free and cost-effective Everland trip. Come on, let’s dive in!

Understanding Everland Theme Park Korea

Five Unique Theme Zones of Everland
The Five (5) unique theme zones of Everland

Everland Theme Park is situated in Yongin City, Gyeonggi Province, about 36 kilometers from Seoul. The biggest Korean theme park draws millions of visitors with an annual average of 7.3 million. It consists of five specially themed areas, including the Global Fair, American Adventure, Magic Land, European Adventure, and Zootopia.

Everland Theme Park is owned and managed by Samsung Group of companies with famous attractions such as T-Express, the world’s steepest roller coaster in 2009, and Caribbean Bay, Everland’s massive water park featuring various indoor and outdoor pools, spas, water slides, and saunas. The latter, though, requires separate tickets.

Basic Details

Operating Hours: Daily, from 10 AM to 10 PM
Address: 경기도 용인시 처인구 포곡읍 에버랜드로 199 (포곡읍) | 199, Everland-ro, Pogok-eup, Cheoin-gu, Yongin-si, Gyeonggi-do
Official Website: everland.com
> 1-Day Pass Adult: KR₩56,000 | Child: KR₩44,000
> Night Pass (from 17:00) Adult: KR₩46,000 | Child: KR₩37,000
> 2-Day Pass Adult: KR₩87,000 | Child: KR₩69,000

Purchasing Everland Theme Park Tickets

A one-day adult ticket to Everland normally costs KR₩56,000 (US$47) or KR₩44,000 (US$37) for children. These tickets can be bought on-site from ticket counters and we noticed that almost no one queues to these manual counters anymore. So, swiftly we got ours also at a discounted price (depending on the season).

Save your time and money by buying Everland tickets in advance through registered resellers like Klook with QR Code Direct Entry. One-Day Pass Everland tickets can be bought for as low a price as KR₩33,000 (US$27) in Klook. You are welcome!

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Getting to Everland Theme Park from Seoul City

There are a variety of ways to get to Everland from Seoul City, which is situated in Yongin City— the suburbs of Seoul. Choose the most suitable alternative below:

Shuttle Bus

Duration: 60 minutes
Cost (Round-Trip): KR₩9,500 to 11,500 (US$7.90 to 9.59)

Everland offers the fastest and most convenient way to get to the theme park. You can enjoy an easy pick-up and drop-off from major subway stations in Seoul, namely Yeongdeungpo, Sindorim, Gangnam, and Sinnonhyeon

A Round-trip ticket normally costs KR₩12,000 to 16,000 (US$100.00 to 13.30) but you can get it for just KR₩9,500 to 11,500 (US$7.90 to 9.59) from Klook.

The estimated travel time of one (1) hour will take you straight to the theme park with spacious seats, sufficient luggage space, and NO extra stops. However a reservation is required through accredited websites or a phone call, and you must be careful with their strict scheduling. Refer to the table below for your convenience:

Buses Operating to Everland Korea and Schedule
List of shuttle buses operating to Everland Theme Park, where and when to catch them.

Local Bus

The most cost-effective way to get to the park, but fewer buses operating from different stops in Seoul, namely: Bus No. 5002, 5700, and 1500-2.

Somehow, we took this alternative, and it was a success! We just believed that this was the easiest way to get to Everland from our hotel without prior reservations.

Refer to the table and map below for more details:

Bus No.Bus StopDurationCost(One-Way)
5002Gangnam Station (Line 2) — Exit 555 minutes (8 stops)KR₩2,500
5002Gangnam Station (Line 2) — Exit 1065 minutes (9 stops)KR₩2,500
5700Jamsil Station (Line 2, 8) — Exit 670 minutes (21 stops)KR₩2,500
1500-2Sadang Station (Line 2, 4) — Exit 390 minutes (75 stops)KR₩2,500
5700Gangbyeon Station (Line 2) — Exit 170 minutes (26 stops)KR₩2,500
Local Buses to Everland Schedule, Duration, and Costs


Duration: 170 minutes
Cost (One-Way): KR₩2,550
Everline Operation Hours: 5:30 AM — 11:30 PM

Traveling through Seoul Metro (Subway) might NOT be the best choice from Seoul. It will take around 2.5 hours to get to the last stop of Everline Line (Jeondae Station) with 4 transfers, plus a shuttle trip to Everland.

But if you still want to try it out, let us show you how:

Transfer 1: Take the Gyeongui-Joungang line at Seoul Station bound to Jipyeong. After 13 stations or 40 minutes later, alight at Wangsimni station (Take Door 1 for fast transfer). If you accidentally took the Imjingang bound train, alight at Gajwa after 2 stations and wait for the Jipyeong-bound train (Take Doors 4-5 for fast transfer).

Transfer 2: From Wangsimni Station, take the 수인분당선 (Bundang Line) bound to Incheon and then get off at Giheung Station 65 minutes or 27 stations later (Take Doors 1-3 for fast transfer).

Transfer 3: From Giheung Station, take the Everline to Jeondae Everland Station (last station) 30 minutes or 14 stations later

Transfer 4: Finally, at Jeondae Everland Station take Exit 3 and hop on a free Everland shuttle bus to reach the theme park.

Everland Full Day Trip

Arrival at Everland: 10:10 AM
Cost (Round-trip Transfers + Admission): KR₩51,500

This is by far the most convenient, fuss-free, and a value-for-money option for any type of traveler. It is inclusive of a One-Day Attraction Pass to Everland, an easy shuttle bus round-trip transfers from three (3) central locations in Seoul (Hongdae, Myeongdong, and Dongdaemun), and a Chinese/English-speaking guide.

Book this package and enjoy Everland’s nightly fireworks celebration without worrying about getting back to the city for KR₩60,000 or get it for a discounted rate of KR₩51,500 through Klook. For more info, refer to the table below:

TimePick-up Locations
0820HHongik Univ. Station Exit 4
0900HMyeongdong Station Exit 2
0910HDongdaemun History and Culture Park Station Exit 10
Everland Full Day Trip Pick-up Locations and Timing


It is also wise to consider premium pick-up services to Everland for a significant number of people in a group (especially with children). You don’t have to worry about having to miss your shuttle or bus with Evercab, plus, they’re going to pick you up right where you are.

The fares for Evercab can vary based on the location of the pick-up and the size of the group, so please check their website for more details about their service.

…While we’ve taken the local bus alternative for this trip, we’ll still recommend the Everland Full Day Trip for obvious reasons. Not only does it allow you to save a few won and make quick transfers, but it would also allow you to enjoy the nightly fireworks without thinking about your transportation back to the hotel.

Park Attractions

Everland Theme Park is divided into 5 unique theme zones, each with its own signature rides and attractions:

  • Global Fair (Shops and Restaurants). Visitors entering the park will pass through the Global Fair and, unlike any other zone, there are hardly any attractions in the area. Instead, you’ll just see a lot of restaurants and shops designed in fairytale architecture.

    If you’re looking for strollers and lockers, you can rent one from the Global Fair zone.

    The Global Fair highlights the largest store in Everland, the Grand Emporium. The giant artificial tree, known as the Magic Tree, which is normally dressed to fit the season, is also here. The Magic Tree at the Global Fair is a popular location for taking pictures, adorned with glowing Christmas lights when we were here.

    We saved the Global Fair zone for our last leg at the park. After hours of tiresome rides in the park, we left for Starbucks Reserve at the Global Fair, the architecture of which attracted our attention. We couldn’t help but take as many pictures as we could of every detail of the interior while waiting for our drinks.

    Highlights: Grand Emporium, Live Hologram Theater, and Magic Tree
  • Zootopia (Animals Galore). Zootopia, an animal-themed zone, was our first stop through the Global Fair Zone. The moment we walked into the zone as if we were in a zoo instead of a theme park. Zootopia has an incredible number of 2,000 animals with 201 species in a 15,000㎡ area.

    Here we were able to meet a wide range of animals on a relaxing bus trip. Some of them we’ve seen for the first time. Sometimes the bus turns into a boat to cross the river, which is fantastic! The exploration was followed by a thrill of an up-close animal-feeding, which the children loved the most.

    Zootopia also houses a rafting trip called the Amazon Express and a petting zoo in the park, featuring sheep and goats.

    The famous attractions of Zootopia include the Panda World and ride-based animal exhibits such as Safari World and Lost Valley, where kids can also enjoy donkey and camel rides.

    Attractions: Amazon Express, Lost Valley, and Safari World

    Highlights: Panda World, Safari World, Amazon Express, and Lost Valley
  • European Adventure (Scenic Gardens). The European Adventure Zone is practically made for brave souls. You’ll find the popular T-Express in this zone. If you haven’t heard it before, this is the first wooden roller coaster in Korea. Yes, “w-o-o-d-e-n” and it’s safe.

    T-Express is the world’s top 10 fastest wooden roller coaster at 104 km/h, the highest drop at 46 meters, the steepest drop at 77 degrees, and the longest at 1,64 km. It is for fearless souls!

    The 3.12 minutesT-Express ride is said to be addictive and is a must-try for young fearless individuals.

    We’re fearless in a way, but we didn’t give this ride a try either.

    In European Adventure, tourists can enjoy its truly stunning French architecture and royal gardens without actually traveling to Europe. Instead of trying their rides, we enjoyed the gorgeous crafts.

    Attractions: T Express, Raptor Ranger, Royal Jubilee Carousel, Lenny’s School of Magic, Shooting Ghost, VR Adventure, Festival Train, and Space Tour

    Highlights: T-Express, Carnival Square, and Rotating House
  • Magic Land (Kid-friendly Thrills). Magic Land is a spot for younger children or adults who wish to relive their childhood. This zone is built for this type of visitor, even if you look at the map of the park.

    Expect child-friendly rides and attractions such as Flying Elephant, Spooky Fun House, and Robot Car. Most of the attractions are inspired by famous children’s tales like Peter Pan and the Magic Cookie House.

    So if you’ve got kids in tow, then this place is likely where you spend much of your time.

    …Consider us grumpy, but we didn’t take any rides in Magic Land, either.

    Attractions: Thunder Falls, Kids Village, Magic Cookie House, Secret Jouju Airplane, Kingdom of Cards, Flash Bang Bang, Peter Pan, Flying Elephant, Robot Car, Boong Boong Car, Bumper Car, Sky Dancing, Racing Coaster, Ball Hose, Lily Dance, Flying Rescue, Play Yard, Hide Away, Magic Swing, Dragon Coaster, Top Jet, and Spooky Fun House

    Highlights: Thunder Falls, Aesop’s House, and Fable Garden
  • American Adventure (Adrenaline Rush). The American Adventure Zone offers a range of adventurous rides designed not for faint-hearted guests, just like us. If you’re here for the thrilling rides, you can skip the Global Fair and go straight to this zone as a warm-up for the big T-Express in European Adventure.

    The Rolling X-Train is located in this zone, which features 360° rotations on a roller coaster with a boomerang and a corkscrew course.

    American Adventure also houses other exciting rides intended to make you feel like a mixer and vomit, including Columbus Adventure, Hurricane, and Let’s Twist.

    Ok, let us help you prepare yourself, good luck!

    Columbus Adventure will make you feel like slipping from a height of 33 meters at a 75-degree angle. The Hurricane will make you feel like you’re trapped in a real hurricane, spinning about 19 meters off the ground.

    While the Let’s Twist is a rotating carnival coaster with several limbs, and Double Rock Spin is a thrilling ride at a height of 20 meters and spontaneously turns at 360°.

    We know it sounds exciting, but we didn’t try any of those though. Sorry, these rides are just not our thing, and I like the spot where my food was in my stomach.

    Attractions: Columbus Adventure, Gyro VR, Robot VR, Rolling X-Train, Hurricane, Championship Rodeo, Kizcovery, Double Rock Spin, and Let’s Twist

    Highlights: Rolling X-Train, Columbus Adventure, Let’s Twist, Double Rock Spin, Robot VR, Gyro VR, and Hurricane

Recommended Route

We came to Everland Theme Park for the experience in general. We mainly focused on the attractions and some kid-friendly and thrilling rides. If you’re traveling with a traveler of any sort, you might want to follow this route.

Everland Theme Park Recommended Route
Sample route for Everland Theme Park
  • Zootopia (Amazon Express, Lost Valley, Safari World)
  • European Adventure (Royal Jubilee Carousel, SkyWay)
  • Magic Land (Spooky Fun House)
  • American Adventure (Sky Cruise)
  • Global Fair (Grand Emporium, Magic Tree)

Seasonal Attractions

Throughout the year, especially during winter and summer, Everland has been performing a number of enjoyable shows and thematic presentations.

Golden Seats Displayed in Four Seasons Garden Golden Illumination Theme

On our first visit to Everland Theme Park in November, we were astounded by the whole theme park preparation for the winter. The entire park was decorated with vibrant Christmas decorations and illuminated with gold.

Everland’s winter theme was “Golden Illumination“. Various marches, displays, and performances were held on the streets and squares of the entire park.

Visitors who came to the park with their families or partners this season have certainly appreciated this unique, romantic, and fun experience.

💡 TIP: Seasonal Attractions display changes every day, check their official website for a detailed timetable.

Night Parade & Fireworks

Night Parade and Fireworks were the most anticipated show in Everland every night at 8:30.

The Everland Moonlight Parade highlights the dazzling LED-lit floats on the designated parade path and will end with a breathtaking fireworks display in the Four Seasons Garden.

Yeah, the Night Parade & Fireworks is a performance not to be skipped by anyone in Everland. Yet still, we deliberately skipped it. We left the theme park about an hour before the show began to beat the crowd on the public bus back to Gangnam Station.

With this detailed guide to Everland, please don’t miss it for us! Come back and tell us about your experience in the comment section below.

Shopping in Everland Theme Park

Snow Bear Miniature in Everland Souvenir Shop
Snow Bear miniature in Grand Emporium in Global Fair zone.

There are over 21 different themed shops laid out evenly in Everland. The largest one is the Grand Emporium located in the Global Fair Zone, right next to the main entrance or exit.

For shopping enthusiasts, we suggest making the last stop at the Grand Emporium to save time. You’ll find most of the merchandise at the Grand Emporium that other smaller souvenir shops have.

Dining in Everland Theme Park

You’ll never get hungry in Everland Theme Park. They have various restaurants that are logically placed within each themed zones and snack stalls are almost every corner of the streets.

Alpine Food Fair European Adventure Zone Everland

All international cuisines are available inside the theme park. May it be European or Asian cuisines or even authentic Korean delights are also available.

For a real variety of food options, you may head to Holland Village. There are 12 European-inspired restaurants in the area with over a thousand outdoor seats where you can chill and dine in the middle of your adventure.

💡 TIP: Outside food and drinks are permitted inside the Everland Theme Park premises. So if you are on a budget, you can definitely bring take-out foods. It’ll not only save you some penny (food inside the park can be pricey) but it also does save you time in queueing to the restaurants.

Travel Tips & Useful Info

Crowded Streets of Everland Theme Park
In the middle of a crowded street in Everland

In reality, we had a lot of realizations during and after our journey. For our followers, we briefly outlined them together with some tips below:

Buy Tickets in Advance

It’s still convenient to book the tickets in advance to skip the queue because it’s cheaper most of the time. A one-day adult passes only costs KR₩33,000 (US$27) in Klook instead of KR₩56,000 (US$47) onsite.

Plan Your Route

It’s a smart idea to schedule your route in Everland and start the most famous rides. The park is massive and can be packed particularly during the peak season, so be there as soon as possible and make a beeline for those rides.

Know Your Zone

For adrenaline maniacs, your zones are certainly European and American Adventure. You will enjoy the most thrilling attractions here, such as the biggest roller coaster and VR rides. For families with small children, you’ll probably spend much of your time in the Magic Land and ZooTopia regions. If you’re here to shop and relax, you don’t have to go outside the Global Fair Zone.

Not All Rides are Free

A day pass entitles you to most park rides, but there are rides that require extra fees, such as Robot VR Ride and Horror Maze. Each ride requires a fee of KR₩5,000 and KR₩3,000 per head for Live Hologram. You should try these paid attractions if you have more time and credits. We were not really able to experience them ourselves, but we’ve heard a lot of positive reviews about them.

Dress Comfortably

The Everland Theme Park is massive, requiring a lot of walking to get to each zone and a lot of rides to conquer. So it’s a no brainer to wear loose and comfortable (especially during the summer). It’s suggested that you also bring an extra shirt.

Stay Connected

It is essential to stay linked with either Wi-Fi or a Local Sim Card if you are traveling with family or friends. Everland, as we said, is massive and it’s easy to lose your loved ones in a crowd. Get one that best suits your needs at Klook.

South Korea Series

Our Seven (7) Days South Korea Itinerary

7 Days South Korea Itinerary with Breakdown of Expenses

We’ve made the file available for FREE in PDF format.


If you were to ask us how we would recommend Everland Theme Park, “YES” in a word. If you like theme parks, zoos in particular, then you’d probably have a wonderful time at Everland.

Everland Resort Theme Park Guide Pinterest

I have been to Disneyland and Universal Studios and it is not fair to compare Everland to them. In fact, Everland is more of a regional theme park than global brands such as Universal Studios and Disneyland.

In addition, if one of these days you’d find yourself in Korea, spend a day at Everland and plan for a day of exciting coaster trips, attractions, and displays that this park will offer.

Keep following our comprehensive guides and tell us about your experience by dropping it in the comment section below.

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