Day 2 in Taipei, Taiwan: Visiting Top 5 Destinations in 12 Hours (Itinerary + Tips)

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Everyone has a unique story to tell about the wondrous city of Taipei “heart of Taiwan“. We too are very much excited to explore more about this island city as we got inspired by our itinerary from the first day. The city is the bustling capital of Taiwan, highly known for its busy shopping streets, and towering contemporary buildings. But, little did we know that despite its modern metropolis, Taipei also has its tranquil countryside from the finest shopping and designs to traditional markets and ancient museums. We looked forward to our upcoming days in Taiwan as it has so much to offer that’s worth telling.

After reading a lot of facts and stories about Taiwan, I think the place deserves to be granted with more recognition. We got insightful information of our Day 2 in Taiwan highlighting these amazing places: Geopark, old streets, street foods, and night markets.

Our first stop was in Yehliu Geopark and capped at Ximending. And with the help of the internet, our commuting experience was more effortless than what we expected. Check out how we get around five attractions of Taiwan’s Top Tourist Destinations in our second day.

Yehliu Geopark

Yehliu Geopark from the Viewing Deck

For first timers like us, we were delighted to start our Day 2 adventure at Yehliu Geopark. We made a quick research about the place so we expected that there’ll be ten times as many people during weekends. Getting into geopark from our hotel in Yonghe District was easy enough. We took the MRT from Dingxi Station (Orange Line) and transferred to Guting Station (Green Line) to reach Taipei Main Station.

By then, we boarded the Bus #1815 in Kuo Kuang Bus Taipei Terminal near Taipei Main Station. The bus operates in 0540 hrs (weekdays) and 0615 hrs (weekends) with 15-20 minutes frequency. The bus fare is NT$85 and if you have that EasyCard with you, use it to pay. The trip took an hour and a half to reach the Yehliu (Nursing Home) Bus Stop (approximately 41 stops).

From there, we walked briskly towards the gate of geopark for about ten minutes. The Yehliu Geopark extends for about 1,700 meters on the northern coast of Taiwan. When we proceeded to the gates of the park, we took photographic evidence of various hoodoo stones or fairy chimneys in the area. There was a range of unique rock formations aptly named according to their shape (examples are: the iconic Queen’s Head, Fairy’s shoe, Ginger rocks, Sea Candles, Elephant Rock, Ice Cream Rock, Kissing Rock, Princess’ Head and a lot more). These rock formations were said to be formed by the raging ocean and geostrophic winds. We were awed with this peculiar sight as we know it’s not something we see every day.

QUICK TIPS: You can try to check with their Fresh seafood restaurants, Family Mart and Coffee Shop which are also available in the area. Bring or buy raincoats before heading to the Geopark.

Location: No.167-1, Kantung Road, Yehliu Village, Wanli District, New Taipei City, Taiwan (view map)
Hours: Open to public from 7:30 AM to 5:30 PM. Best time to visit is at (9:00 AM)
Nearest Bus Stop: Nursing Home
Fare: NT$85
Fees: NT$80 (Entrance)
Time to visit: 2 hours

JiuFen Old Street

In the Middle of JiuFen Old Street

We spent 2 hours in Yehliu Geopark and walked the trail again from geopark back to the area where we alighted. Thereafter, we made our way to Jiufen Old Street through the sleepy mountainside of Ruifang District. Our course was a bit challenging, we had three bus transfers before we reached Jiufen. We took bus #1815 from the opposite lane of Bus Stop beside a grocery store. After 20 minutes of waiting (about 27 stops), we alighted at Maijin Road (Women and Children Welfare Center) and took another bus #1070 to Jongyi Road (Keelung Station). Seven minutes later (4 stops), we arrived at Keelung and finally boarded bus #788 towards Jiufen which took an hour and a half (40 stops) before we arrived.

Jiufen is quite popular to both local and foreign tourists for its tea houses, coffee shops, hanging red paper lanterns (which is really amazing at night), food stalls and souvenir shops lined up on both sides of the narrow streets and are indeed Instagrammable. Various foods such as “Yu Yuan” (taro balls), fried meatballs, steamed taro cakes, and herbal rice cakes, are some of Jiufen’s specialties. You should get ready with the thick crowds of people, especially on weekends. While roaming, we noticed the romantic atmosphere in this gold mining town from the Japanese era because of its foggy weather condition. If you have read facts about Jiufen, you will definitely be mesmerized with the stunning view down the green hillside to the rolling hills that greets the ocean. The huge crowd can be a bit overwhelming but it’s definitely worth a visit!

QUICK TIPS: The place could be so cold in the late afternoon so might as well bring coats or any clothes that could keep you warm. The narrow streets could be so crowded so prepare yourselves bumping with the shoulders of other tourists.

Location: 224, Taiwan, New Taipei City, Ruifang District (view map)
Hours: Open to public from 08:00 AM to 10:00 PM. Best time to visit at (06:00 PM)
Nearest Bus Stop: Daitian Temple (Tianpantang)
Fare: NT$60
Fees: NA
Time to visit: 2 hours

Raohe Night Market

Raohe Night Market Entrance

One of the greatest things to do on travel is going to night markets and as far as we know, Taipei got popular night markets. Coming from Jiufen Old Street, we boarded Bus #1062 towards Raohe Street. The queue in Jiufen Bus Stop was building up so fast before dusk resulting for us to wait about 10 minutes to get into the bus. Good thing we were able to rest on the bus for an hour back to the city in Songshan District.

Strolling in one of the oldest night markets in Taipei is an amazing Taiwanese experience. It may not be as big as Shilin Night Market, but this 600 meters length in a single pedestrian lane stretches along Raohe street got various shops and food stands that present the Taiwanese characteristics. As we have plenty of food selections (local and international) to find, it took us some time to select street food items and drinks. Truly, this place is easy to navigate and worth visiting. You should try to satisfy your taste buds and enjoy the food trip yourself and share how it goes.

QUICK TIPS: There’s a huge crowd especially during weekends so be very careful not to bump people who were busy eating street food items and others who were having a pleasant time with the entertainment stalls.

Location: Raohe Street, Songshan District, Taipei City, Taiwan 105 (view map)
Hours: Open to public from 04:00 PM to 12:00 PM. Best time to visit at (06:00 PM)
Nearest MRT Station: Songshan
Fare: NT$85
Fees: NA
Time to visit: 2 hours

Rainbow Bridge

Rainbow Bridge at Night

We dropped by the Rainbow bridge located parallel to Raohe St. Night Market which is just a walking distance from the night market. This is our fourth stop of the day and we were able to sit and relax in the park near the bridge after the night market and took our time to enjoy the stunning view of the bridge in rainbow color. It is best seen at night and we were impressed with how clean and peaceful it was so we spent about 20 minutes here before heading to the nearest MRT station for our next stop.

QUICK TIPS: It is perfect to just chill out in this place and capture your the best angle with the unique bridge.

Location: No. 180, Songhe Street, Songshan District, Taipei City, Taiwan 105 (view map)
Hours: Open to public 24 hours. Best time to visit at (06:00 PM)
Nearest MRT Station: Songshan
Fare: NT$25
Fees: NA
Time to visit: 30 minutes


Busy Streets of Ximending

One’s stay in Taipei cannot be concluded without going for shopping at Ximending Youth Shopping District, one of the hippest and modern shopping places to visit in Taipei. We haven’t really called it a day yet as it’s still 8:40 PM, so we decided to have one last stop of our itinerary – at Ximending. To get to Ximending, we boarded MRT from Songshan Station (Songshan-Xindian Line) towards Ximen Station. We arrived at Ximen Station 15 minutes later (7 stops) and followed the exit signages to reach the streets of the shopping district.

If you are looking for “instagrammable” spots, one of the most popular destinations for tourists is the Ximending Pedestrian Area which is at the center of the district, and accessible from Exit 6 of Ximen Station. Capture a moment in this first pedestrian area built in Taipei and is known as the largest in Taiwan. This recreation district is also popular for its sumptuous street foods, restaurants, fashion and gadget accessories, exhibitions, clubs, bars, and street performances.

QUICK TIPS: Create a solid budget plan. Lol. There may be a lot of items on sale that will overwhelm your pockets. Ximending is one of the trendy stops if you’re fond of getting the latest fashion.

Location: Wanhua District, Taipei City, Taiwan 108 (view map)
Hours: Open to public 24 hours. Best time to visit at (04:00 PM)
Nearest MRT Station: Ximen
Fare: NT$25
Fees: NA
Time to visit: 2 hours

Sample Itinerary

Estimated hours: 12

Yehliu Geopark
0900: Depart from the hotel and take MRT at Dingxi Station (Orange Line)
0930: Alight at Beimen Station (Green Line) and walk to Kuo Kuang Bus Terminal
0940: Depart from Kuo Kuang Bus Taipei Terminal to Yehliu
1100: Alight at Bus Stop outside Yehliu (Guangxi Road) and traverse along the adjacent Guangdong Road for 10 minutes to Geopark Entrance
Jiufen Old Street
1330: Walk 10 minutes from geopark to Nursing Home
1400: Depart from Nursing Home and alight at Maijin Road
1430: Depart from Maijin Road and alight at Jongyi Road
1450: Walk from Jongyi Road towards Keelung Station and board the bus towards Jiufen
0620: Arrive at Daitian Temple (Tianpantang) and walk towards the Old Street
Raohe Street Night Market
1750: Boarded bus from Jiufen bus stop to Raohe St. Night Market
1850: Arrive at Section 4, Bade Road bus stop and walked 2 minutes to reach the night market
Rainbow Bridge
2020: Walk from Raohe St. Night Market to Rainbow Bridge
2025: Arrive at Rainbow Bridge
2045: Walk from Rainbow Bridge to Songshan MRT Station
2100: Board the MRT from Songshan MRT Station to Ximen Station
2120: Arrive at Ximending in Wanhua District

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