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One cold Saturday last February, we came across a new Cebu attraction at Belmont One’s Anjo World Theme Park located in Minglanilla Cebu. Snow World Cebu is the first of its kind in Southern Philippines, a world-class indoor theme park with an area of approximately 2,000 square meters which is said to be bigger than the one in Pasay, Manila. From the howling heat this summer, I thought that this snowy fun activity is a best-recommended experience for both adults and kids.

Allow us to share the details of our Saturday venture and some of the things to look forward to. Enjoy!


Tourist Enjoying the Artificial Snow
Tourists enjoying the artificial snow.

Needless to say, there are only two seasons in the Philippines: hot and rainy season. So what likely is to happen in our first visit is an unlimited exhale of real snow environment where winter dreams are finally coming true, playing and building our own snowman. We were excited to try something new for a typical weekend but we really haven’t prepared ourselves for an OOTD.

Knowing that it will be our first ever winter experience, worn with casual clothes like a simple sweatshirt and short/pedal is something offhand (though we brought one jacket in case). We made a quick research about the place and we were thrilled of the offers like the stunning ice sculptures, unlimited ice sliding and even extreme rides outside Snow World house.


Entrance- Anjos Snow World
Anjo World Entrance

When we reached the destination at around 6:00 PM, we observed that the expansion of Anjo World Theme Park is still ongoing but it has already been open to the public for family entertainment quite some time now.

There are adventure rides such as Viking, Drop Tower, Space Shuttle, Golden Carousel, Boomerang (the scariest ride for me), Hip Hop, and many more. What amazed me is that this is more likely similar to the Star City in Manila where I experienced a few of its crazy rides (I wouldn’t dare to ride them again). We explored the area and discovered that they got souvenir shops, food court, coffee shops, fast food, major restaurants, grocery stores, retail shops, and other activities on special occasions like live shows.

We made our way to the entrance of Anjo World and immediately paid the ticket price for Snow World access which is Php350 per head (fixed price for both adults or kids) with free use of their winter jacket.

Ticket Prices for a Day Adventure Pass:

Adult₱ 350
Kids₱ 350
– Unlimited Entry on that Day
– No time limit inside
– Free use of Winter Jacket
Mondays – Fridays02:00 PM – 10:00 PM
Saturdays & Sundays12:00 PM – 10:00 PM
Coffee Shop- Anjos Snow World
Coffee Shop inside the Snow World

The fees startled me as they are really pricey compared to other famous adventure parks in Manila. Upon entering the Snow World, we were obliged to purchase gloves worth of Php50 per pair and face masks (Php20/each) as our protection gears inside. Unfortunately, the entrance fee we paid does not include complete proper gears.

Before we went inside the back entrance of Snow World, we were completely geared up and listened to the quick reminders and tips from a Snow World staff. As far as we could recall, here are some of the friendly reminders you should take note:

  • The place is not for guests with hypertension, asthma, pneumonia, cold, fever&flu, heart problem, previous operations especially in the bones (minor or major), a person with claustrophobic, and pregnant women.
  • Wearing of sandals, slippers, and/or high heels are NOT allowed inside but shoe rental is available.
  • Any kinds of a camera are NOT allowed to be used inside (good thing we left all our stuff inside the car except for the jacket). You don’t have to worry because they got lockers for your personal belongings. There are in-house photographers who can take your photos for Php200 per printed photo (with soft copy where you can access and download from the link they will provide after). Anyone caught taking photos inside will pay a sanction of Php1,000.
  • Be extra careful inside. You are NOT allowed to touch any ice giant sculptures inside as there will be a penalty of Php5,000.   
  • Only children above 3 years old are allowed to come inside and guests who are 4 ft tall and above are allowed to do the ice sliding activity. Below 4ft needs to be accompanied by their parents or guardians.

Kicking off our snow game, we started walking inside their maze-like pathway following the signage “This Way”. The ice sculptures in both sides of the pathway were carved by the finest sculptors in the Philippines and they’re really impressive.

It was really cold with a 16°F (as mentioned by the staff) during our visit. We went upstairs and saw the ice slide beside which I found real steep. We made a tour first of the whole place before doing the slide and enjoyed touching those iced sculptures intended for picture taking (touching is allowed) like the “Love Design”, “I <3 Cebu”, and chair with the “Swan Lovers Design”.

I Love Cebu Ice Sculpture- Anjos Snow World
I Love Cebu Ice Castle inside the Snow World

The best corner for me is the chair beside the London telephone booth area and it’s the only photo we selected out of the random photos taken by their in-house photographer because they asked for cash first before they print the photo. Lol! Anyway, this is really the kind of winter that will always get you smiling. What more if it’s outside the country, huh! Seriously, the white smoke coming out of my mouth and the little hurt of my nose made me fantasized about being in the snowy countries.

Living it up, we decided to do ice sliding together at the same time. We got our helmets worn for safety purposes while seated at the peak of the slide. We were assisted by a staff who instructed us how to position our legs since we’re first-timers. Truly, I’m a little nervous but with great surprise, we made it holding hands. It was also worth remembering when I ended up freezing and was not able to walk after sliding because my feet were numb with cold.

TIP: Wear pants and rubber shoes or boots. Trust us, you won’t regret it like me.

I’m just grateful for my company in rescuing me. I dissuade myself from sliding again, so just for the record, my company made it to three rounds of ice sliding while I was only busy cheering at him. This little experience is not little for my entire life this becomes my first out of this world victory.


Anjos Snow World Pinterest

If you want to cool down from the hot bustled city, you should try Cebu’s first-ever winter wonderland attraction and share your thoughts after! They might be an upmarket theme park or just expensive rip-offs, but it’s worth a try.

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