7 Awesome Things To Do In Northern Cebu in 2021

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Cebu is undeniably one of the Philippines’ most popular destinations. The island is known for its natural wonders and the audacious activities one may do. Plus, since it has its own international airport, it is completely accessible from countries all over the world. 

The latest problem with Covid 19 has also influenced the island’s entire travel industry. Thankfully, nowadays, it is steadily returning to business again. After almost a year of being locked up because of the pandemic, people tend to go either north or south to explore new activities, places, or for food.

In this article, we will be listing out the Seven (7) Newest Things To Do in Northern Cebu in 2021 which we believe you should check out on your next road-tripping too:

Cebu Safari & Adventure Park

Cebu Safari Adventure Park Welcome Pavillon
Cebu Safari Adventure Park Welcome Pavilion | Photo Credit: The Island Nomad

Cebu Safari & Adventure Park is a 170-hectare estate owned by Senyorito Michel Lhuillier and Mr. Eduard Loop, his partner. It features African Savanna, Michelle’s Garden, Gardens of the World, White Lion Safari, and the 1.3 km Zipline for thrill-seekers.

This premier Safari park is situated in the beautiful Carmen hills, about an hour and a half drive from the airport. The Cebu Safari & Adventure Park is the island’s first of its kind, showcasing more than 1,000 animals from 120 different species. It also protects hundreds of plant species as a refuge. 

Cebu Safari is a perfect place for the entire family or someone who wants to relax and get away from the hustle of the city. 

For more updates and for ticket booking, visit their website.

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Daat Tops

Daat Tops Calumboyan Sogod
A sunrise view at Daat Tops Sogod

Atop of Daat is a stunning and picturesque 360 view of the whole town and coastline. Daat features a good access road from the main road and cold weather, especially at night.

No one thought that this peaceful location in Sogod would become the municipality’s new tourism destination. Daat is situated 30 meters above sea level in the mountainous part of Sogod, in Barangay Calumboyan. 

Now, Daat has become lively at night as more visitors are flocking. Visitors can already dine and relax while watching the city lights or sunset, or listening to live music.

Daat is now a favorite weekend destination and constantly draws tourists from various locations after a couple of pictures posted on social media.

El Mar Resort & Spa

El Mar Resort & Spa Aerial View
An aerial view of El Mar Resort & Spa in Sogod | Photo credit: The Island Nomad

Another latest tourist destination in Sogod, Cebu, is El Mar Resort & Spa. After a decade-long development, this resort & spa has finally opened its doors to the public.

El Mar is also owned by Senyorito Michel Lhuillier located in Barangay Calumboyan in Sogod town. This 89-hectare resort property features a white sand beach, a marine sanctuary, and water activities such as kayaking, jet-skiing, and banana boating.

Guests could enjoy the resort’s top-of-the-line facilities including 7 coves, a swimming pool, a restaurant, motorized bike, and many more. A standard room for two costs Php4,700 and Php8,000 per night for 6-8 persons. 

El Mar Resort & Spa is also offering Day Passes that includes 1 Meal, perfect for weekend getaways.

Unfortunately, they won’t entertain walk-in guests, for now, instead, guests can make their reservations through the Cebu Safari website and contact numbers.

Banyan Cold Spring

The Two Pools of Banyan Cold Spring Tabogon
A cyclist took an early plunge to the cold water of Banyan Cold Spring

Banyan Cold Spring (formerly known as Guiwanon Cold Spring) features two (2) tiers of freshwater pools under the rubber trees, truly crystal clear water, spine chilling cold water, and cottages for picnics. The place also has a spacious car park, grilling facility, toilets, tables, and chairs. 

Banyan Cold Spring or formerly known as Guiwanon Cold Spring is located in Tabogon, 80 kilometers from the Airport or 2.5 hours drive from the city. 

In early 2020, Banyan Cold Spring has made a significant renovation. And together with this renovation and renaming, the fees have also ballooned. The entrance fee is now Php100 compared to Php25 per person the previous year.

Banyan Cold Spring only caters to a limited number of guests, be there the earliest if you wish to visit.

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Duko Duko Eatery

Deep Fried Dished of Duko Duko Eatery Macaas Catmon
A deep fried native chicken and lechon kawali served in Duko Duko Eatery

Duko-Duko Eatery serves authentic Visayan dishes that include pochero, and deep-fried native chicken which draws so much attention to the visitors heading north. 

Duko-Duko Eatery is home to delicious native chicken dishes located in Macaas, Catmon. This native Filipino restaurant is located 50 kilometers or 1.5 hours drive from the airport. 

You’ll definitely see a crowd if you pass by the area, especially on weekends. In fact, they have set up a take-out stall in front of their main restaurant and additional outdoor tables to serve more guests. 

Lamaw sa Tabogon

Siomai and Steamed Rice in Lamaw sa Tabogon
An order of siomai and steamed rice in “Lamaw sa Tabogon

Lamaw sa Tabogon” is yet another unique restaurant founded during the pandemic. This Filipino restaurant is about a kilometer from Banyan Cold Spring, 82 kilometers or 2.5 hours by car from the airport.

Lamaw” is a local dialect, although it’s not how they really cook it which suggests a combination of discarded foods. Conversely, it is a mixture of favorite local fried or steamed dishes put into a disposable container.

Lamaw sa Tabogon” is also serving other ala carte dishes like sisig, batchoy, and steamed rice.

Aisle of Medellin

Aerial View of Aisle of Medellin Cebu
An aerial view of “Aisle of Medellin” in Cebu | Photo Credit: The Island Nomad

The “Alley of Medellin” is yet another gorgeous destination in the north, but this time it’s popular for the riders. This famous aisle is located 106 kilometers or approximately 3 hours drive from the airport.

The “Aisle of Medellin” is a straight road of approximately 3 kilometers between flowering sugarcane plants (locally known as “Bugang“). The whole city of Bogo, including the town of Medellin, is renowned for its extensive sugar cane plantation.

This popular aisle in the northern Cebu town of Medellin is often directly compared to a place seen in a Korean film, especially during the flowering time of sugar canes.


Awesome Things To Do in Northern Cebu

There you have it the seven (7) awesome things you can do on your next trip to the North. Don’t hesitate to go back to this article and tell us about your experience.

If you find this post helpful or if you have questions and updates about the places mentioned above, please drop it in the comment section below.

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