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If you are the kind of person who loves to explore life, will try anything once, enjoy little things, and live life without any sense of twitchiness, then you are definitely in the right page.

I started SoleWanderer.com way back in 2012 when I went backpacking in Singapore. From there, I have explored a few places in Asia along with some parts of the Philippines — travel beginner doubtlessly. I found how travel can change your outlook in life and it says a lot of who you are. Simply put, I feel a lot more awesome now than I used to be, thus there’s no reason you shouldn’t plan for your next adventure too.

Blogging can lead to new opportunities. Well, I didn’t see it coming. I never anticipate this will become one of my interests. This is not just about writing something worth reading or something worth writing— but something worth a try for humans.

I put up SoleWanderer.com not to just simply document my (our) travels but to also speak myself. I wanted to share the gained travel-related knowledge and frame things that I (we) believe could inspire others and make use of it.

Bench Bantecil

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SoleWanderer.com effortlessly inspires people to travel someplace they’ve never been before. My goal is to share reality, personal adventures, travel hacks, recommendations, and detailed itineraries as I love to frame things that would inspire others.


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